Sustainability approach

We worked consistently to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability across every aspect of our business.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are integral to the way we do business. Our commitment is embedded in our Company’s mission and values. CSR is a key part of our business plans and the way we assess our people’s performance.

Our key focus areas

As environmental and social challenges grow in number and urgency, we must focus our efforts. We prioritise the issues that are most critical to our business and our stakeholders. These include:

•    Water stewardship
•    Energy & climate protection
•    Packaging & recycling
•    Consumer health
•    Developing our employees

These focus areas directly support our business imperatives. As we broaden our beverage portfolio, for example, our consumer health initiatives help us respond to growing interest in health and wellness. Similarly, our drive for cost efficiency is supported by environmental programmes to reduce our use of energy, water and packaging.

To ensure we also contribute effectively to broader sustainability initiatives, we consult with our stakeholders often working in partnership with them.

Managing CSR

We manage our CSR performance as rigorously as any other part of our business. A cross-functional CSR team reports to the Managing Director who is accountable for performance. The team also has a dotted reporting line to the Group CSR Council who oversee our company’s global performance and report to the CSR Committee of the Board of Directors. 

We adopt leading standards, set targets and monitor our progress regularly. In addition, we report our performance in our annual Group CSR report. CSR is a core competence we expect of our company’s managers, and is included in performance assessments.

A culture of sustainability

This is only part of bringing CSR to life in our operations. We also focus on building the right culture and capabilities so that this is simply part of the way we do business.