Food safety is a shared responsibility from production to consumption, and we were proud to celebrate the '2020 World Food Safety Day' to underscore the importance of Food Safety to Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC)

On June 8, 2020 NBC employees across all our 8 manufacturing plants celebrated the World Food Safety Day. The commemorative day is an initiative of the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This year’s edition of the commemorative day, themed “Food safety, Everyone’s Business”.


Food safety is a shared responsibility from production to consumption, and we were proud to celebrate the 2nd World Food Safety Day to underscore or highlight the importance of Food Safety.

At NBC, food safety is our top priority, and this is reflected through our robust food safety programs across our plants.


We ensure strict adherence to our food safety protocols across our entire supply chain, investing in innovative technologies and techniques, world class trainings and good manufacturing practices. We also comply fully with local regulations to ensure that all we produce is safe and of the highest quality.

Our commitment to these goals reflects clearly as all our plants and operations are in our strict compliance with the Coca Cola Operating Requirements (KORE) requirements the FSSC ISO22000 standard requirement.

Food safety is our priority, Food safety is Everyone’s business.

How NBC employees celebrated the day

The activities were different, but the message was the same: food safety is everybody's business.

The events ranged from virtual sessions on consumer complaint reduction to quiz contests, foreign body hunt, practical session for handwashing and disinfection, and use of display messages to reinforce Food Safety awareness across the plants.

​Staff members across various plants also ​brandished various banners and stickers, with inscriptions such as ​​​​"Food Safety is Everybody's Business", "I Support World Food Safety Day", "Safe Practice = Safe Food", amongst others. 

Together, the activities were aimed at raising awareness and action by highlighting what every employee can do to ensure we continue support the production of high-quality products that our consumers can trust.