Sustainability is at the heart of our business model because we believe that a sustainable business can only thrive in a sustainable community” – Georgios Polymenakos, Managing Director, Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd (NBC).

Sustainability is at the heart of our business model. It is the driving force of our business growth at the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), shaping our strategy towards our people, communities and stakeholders. NBC is uniquely positioned in the African market as Nigeria’s is a fast-growing economy with a large population of educated and skilled individuals which make up the labour force.

Our sustainability report for 2016 – 2017 covers areas such as our environmental stewardship, youth and women empowerment, human capacity building and our social impact in the communities where our facilities are located and in Nigeria at large. We recorded several achievements such as a 62% reduction in total incidents at our plant locations and an 18% reduction in carbon emission.

It features details of initiatives such as Youth Empowered, school renovations, the Lady Mechanic project and many others. We also focus on our achievements in reducing our carbon footprint, promoting health and safety within our facilities, our dedication to employee engagement and commitment to building passionate teams of empowered people.

As a global company with eyes on the future we remain committed to conducting our business with the highest ethical and environmental stewardship standards; actively participating in Packaging towards a World Without Waste and aligning with our 2025 Mission Sustainability beacons.

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