Our COVID-19 Interventions

At Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) we believe we have a crucial role to play in supporting our people, communities and the government in the fight against COVID-19 continues. Here are snapshots of some of the measures we are currently taking to support the fight against the pandemic:

  • 30 Million Centiliters Eva Premium water and Coca‑Cola Beverages Donated

Donation of over 30 million centilitres of beverages to health facilities in Nigeria

We have donated over 30 million centilitres of Eva Premium water and Coca‑Cola Beverages to Covid-19 treatment and isolation facilities across the country. This supports the need for hydration and refreshment for our health professionals and individuals undergoing treatment.

N170 million Covid Relief Grant from the Coca‑Cola Foundation

Through a grant from the Coca‑Cola Foundation, the Coca‑Cola System in Nigeria has donated N170 million to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support COVID-19 relief efforts in Nigeria.

Implementing Measures to Ensure the Safety of our People and Partners

The safety of our people is our foremost priority, so we have provided individual hand sanitizers and face masks to over 2,500 of our people on the field as well as bulk sanitizers & dispensers for our Customer locations. We continue to keep our people informed on important safety measures and have implemented the necessary screening checks and controls across all our sites.  Wherever possible, all other staff are following the guidelines set by governments to work from home. We thank all of our colleagues everywhere for the work they are doing in such demanding circumstances.

Operation Feed 2,000 Households

Through this campaign, we provided 2,300 households across 14 locations with basic food stuff including rice, noodles and vegetable oil households. 137 NBC Employee volunteers gave of their time to support the packaging and distribution of the food items. 

Supporting Government Advocacy

We have also provided some space on our distribution trucks for the placement of advocacy and safety messaging by the government.

Partnership with Key Accounts to support local government teams & health workers

We are also working with our key account restaurant partners to provide meals to people at the forefront of the fight against the virus. We believe our healthcare workers deserve all the support they can get at this period while braving the odds to save lives and protect our communities.

Our thoughts are with the families, communities and nations affected by this crisis. We specially celebrate the men, women and healthcare professionals working on the frontline of this crisis to support the vulnerable. Ekuma Eze, Public Affairs and Communications Director, NBC