Visit a plant

We have been welcoming organised groups of visitors to our plants since 1990. From school children and university students to consumer groups, visitors enjoy seeing how their favourite beverages are made and learning more about one of Nigeria’s leading businesses.

Visitors to our plant(s) will learn:

  • Our beverages: How we produce our wide range of beverages
  • Environment: How we minimise our environmental impacts
  • Community: The ways we support local communities
  • Workplace: The career and development opportunities we offer

If you would like to arrange a group visit to one of our plants, please call our toll-free infoline 0800 Coca‑Cola (0800 26222652).

As our plant tour programme is very popular, we recommend that you book your visit at least 12 weeks in advance of the date you would like to come. Unfortunately, we cannot accept visitors without a prior booking.

Tours are free of charge and are available Monday to Friday between 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm. Each tour is conducted by a trained guide, and lasts 90 minutes. All visitors must be over the age of 13 years.