At Nigerian Bottling Company, customer is king.

It is this understanding that fuels our desire to build long lasting relationships with our customers. This in turn translates to better business and profitable growth across all our channels.

We aim to be the preferred business partner of the more than 450,000 shops, restaurants, supermarkets, discount chains and other businesses which sell our beverages. We work collaboratively with them, helping them to grow their businesses.

crates of coca-cola being moved

Route to market

One major way Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd (NBC) is adding value to our customers is through the Micro Distribution Centre (MDC) Programme.  MDC is an evolving Route-To-Market initiative in Nigeria empowering local entrepreneurs through low capital investment own outlets that are strategically located.

This allows easier access to service retailers using non-motorised equipment (pushcarts, etc) in the distribution of Coca‑Cola products within well defined coverage areas. 

To meet the growing interest in consumer health, we are continuously increasing our range while producing the same high-quality beverages that our customers and consumers expect of us. We work closely with our suppliers and aim to add value to our customers.

Engaging customers

Working with our suppliers

A large and complex network of suppliers provides us with our ingredients, packaging and services. These suppliers have a far wider footprint than our own operations, in terms of environmental impacts, jobs created and more. Although we do not own or control our suppliers, we have a responsibility to ensure that the way they work reflects our standards.

The nature of our business means that we source as much as we can locally. This is not only efficient for our business, it also reduces the environmental impact of transport and brings economic benefit to local communities.

To reduce our broader environmental impacts, we work closely with suppliers on our three priorities: energy and climate protection, packaging and water stewardship. This collaboration is yielding industry-leading innovation, from the ‘quad-generation’combined heat and power (CHP) plants plus CO2 capture for industrial uses, we are constructing across our global business, to the latest developments in energy-efficient refrigeration that will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

Coca-cola kiosk

Supplier guiding principles

Meanwhile, our Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP) programme helps ensure that our suppliers meet clearly defined standards in terms of labour and human rights. Child labour and forced labour are explicitly prohibited, for example, while suppliers must respect freedom of association and ensure their employees work in a safe working environment. These Principles are now included in key procurement contracts, and an independent audit programme assesses suppliers’ compliance with the programme.