The Women in NBC Network (WINN) recently celebrated its 1st anniversary with an event which held across all NBC office and plant locations.

Women in NBC

At NBC, we believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is key to our success as a business, and we are committed to achieving this throughout our company. Studies have shown that gender-balanced teams working in inclusive environments are more productive, innovate more and achieve better results.

In line with this, on 29th of August 2019, the Women in NBC Network (WINN) celebrated her 1st year anniversary with a fun, engaging and enlightening business-wide event. Women in NBC Network (WINN) was established to connect and empower the company’s women, as well as foster their professional development. The event was live streamed from NBC’s Head Office to all 8 plant locations.

NBC MD, George Polymenakos and HR Director,Olumide Sholanke at the WINN Event

The Director, Human Resources, Olumide Sholanke officially opened the program after which, NBC’s Managing Director, George Polymenakos addressed the company’s women, noting that the world is a better place because of the hard work, passion and love that women contribute. He encouraged women to never let their spirits down because they rule the world by giving, growing and securing life.

The event also featured two external speakers who led sessions on important societal issues. The keynote speakers were:

  • Femi Olaleye, who enlightened women on breast and cervical cancers and the importance of early detection and treatment.
  • Taiwo Akinlami, who shared insightful information on social vices impacting the home.

Other highlights of the event included cervical cancer screening for some participants and vaccination. Various fun games were played with gifts were won.

We believe that WINN and activities such as this would will help us achieve a better gender balance across our management teams.