Our people form the bedrock of our institution. They are the stories of our success and the engine of our business.

At Nigerian Bottling Company, people are our greatest asset. We employ approximately 4,800 people and our business success is directly attributable to their expertise, passion and commitment.

We aim to attract the best people we can, and to develop them to the best of their ability. Only by doing so can we build an organisation that can meet future challenges. We aim to provide our people with rewarding careers, excellent development opportunities and a safe, fair and inclusive workplace.

Developing our employees

Our business goals can only be achieved if we have a talented and engaged workforce. We therefore aim to attract capable employees, developing them to the best of their ability.

Training and development

One important way we do so is to offer excellent career opportunities. We significantly invest in formal training and balance this with development opportunities, such as assignments and projects. Our structured approach helps develop the leadership capabilities that we need to run our business successfully both now and in the future.

Engaging with employees

To ensure that our employees are motivated and involved, we keep them informed and listen to their views. We do this in a variety of ways, ranging from monthly town hall meetings to the recently launched Ideas Generation Database which serves as a collection point for staff to share cost-saving ideas directly with the leadership.

Our annual engagement survey allows employees an opportunity to voice their opinions on a wide range of topics. We listen carefully to what we are told, developing action plans to address suggestions and concerns raised by employees.

Competitive remuneration

We also pay our employees competitively. To do so, we benchmark the compensation we offer against comparable high-performing companies.


A fair workplace

We respect the fundamental rights of our employees, aiming to create an open, inclusive and positive work environment. Our policies on human rights and equal opportunities are widely communicated and are integrated into management training programmes. 

Human rights

Our human rights policy requires that we uphold the UN Global Compact and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Child labour is expressly prohibited and appropriate checks are made during recruitment. Our employees and managers are trained in the implications of human rights in day-to-day business and we monitor our performance. 

Equal opportunities

We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace where all of our employees are treated fairly and equally. Our equality of opportunity policy protects against discrimination and ensures equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all. 

Although our workforce is largely male -- due in part to the physical nature of work -- women make up a significant part of our management. 
The Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd (NBC) leadership is also consciously working to increase representation of women in senior management. 

Employee relations

We respect our employees’ right to freedom of association: to join or not to join trade unions and to engage in collective bargaining. We consult employees and unions about major business developments and issues of shared concern.