We produce, sell and distribute Coca‑Cola, the best-known and biggest-selling soft drink in history.

Nigerian Bottling Company is one of the world’s largest bottlers of products of The Coca‑Cola Company.

Coca‑Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history. An icon of all times, Coca‑Cola is the best-known product in the world.

Created in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca‑Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage by mixing Coca‑Cola syrup with carbonated water. Coca‑Cola was introduced in 1886, patented in 1887, registered as a trademark in 1893 and by 1895 it was being sold in every state and territory in the United States. In 1899, The Coca‑Cola Company began franchised bottling operations in and outside the United States taking Coca‑Cola to consumers in other parts of North America and Europe and in subsequent years to other parts of the world.

In 1951, the refreshing wave of Coca‑Cola arrived in Nigeria and has remained a hit with consumers across the country.

Coca‑Cola is available in: 35cl and 50cl classic glass contour bottle; 33cl on-the-go Can, 50cl and 1.5L PET bottle.

Carbonated water, sugar, Carbon-dioxide, caffeine, Phosphoric acid, caramel color and flavouring.

Man and crate of Coke

Coke Zero

Coca‑Cola Zero was Coca‑Cola's largest product launch in 22 years when it first launched in 2005, reaching billion-dollar status in 2007. Coca‑Cola Zero offers great Coca‑Cola taste, uplifting refreshment and zero sugar.

Coke Zero