Still drinks

Still beverages are drinks that have not been subjected to carbonation. We produce and sell five variants of the Five Alive juice brand in Nigeria.

Our sparkling drinks are complemented by our still drinks brands – a unique combination in the bottling landscape. This breadth of portfolio makes us a strong partner to our customers and supports consumer choice.

Our still drinks include juices and energy drinks.

  • 1st we’re the top branded supplier of diverse flavors of juices in Nigeria
  • 2nd we’re the number two branded supplier of energy drinks in Nigeria
Five Alive

Five Alive 

Five Alive is a range of fruit juice drinks made with natural ingredients. The brand consists of both mono juice produced from a single fruit type and blends produced from a blend of five delicious tasting fruits. Both the mono and blends are further fortified with additional vitamins and minerals.

Available in 6 countries including Nigeria, Five Alive was launched in Nigeria in 2003.

Five Alive is available in mono juice - Apple and blends - Citrus Burst, Berry Blast and Tropical.


Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit

Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit

  • Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink is a naturally refreshing juice drink with real juice and orange pulp, consumers can see and feel. Research shows that it has the highest overall liking from a range of samples that were tested.
  • Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink provides a mouth feel that is natural just as biting into an orange, you get a pleasurable experience as you taste the orange juice and pulp just like when you bite into an orange fruit.
  • Five Alive Pulpy Orange has been successfully launched in 44 countries of North America, North Africa, Central & Southern Europe and Asia, and NOW NIGERIA!!!
  • Every time you buy Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink you are contributing to providing a sustainable income to our local farmers.
  • Five Alive Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink comes in a case of 40cl PET x 12 Packs made up of two 40cl x 6 Packs.
Monster - the energy brand we distribute

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are both fun and practical. Monster Energy drink will give you an energy boost before you head out for the evening, during a busy day or simply when you’re feeling tired.