Sparkling drinks

We’re the number one supplier of sparkling soft drinks in Nigeria.

We offer a choice of sugared, low sugar and sugar-free sparkling soft drinks in a diverse range of packaging to match people's lifestyles.

Our overall volume share for sparkling drinks in our markets is over 60 percent. This consumer trust gives us a solid foundation for growth, with potential coming from people switching from other brands and home-mixed drinks to our branded goods. 

  • 60% + our share of the sparkling soft drinks market in the countries where we operate

The 'sparkle' in our soft drinks comes from a carbonation method that duplicates the natural processes in bubbly mineral and spring waters.  

Our sparkling soft drinks come in many different flavours; all are made with natural ingredients.

People across our markets enjoy our sparkling soft drinks brands. They're looking for interesting, flavourful, refreshing drinks which will also keep them hydrated so they can sustain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.