Our wider purpose

The effects of our actions are far reaching - even beyond our business.

We recognize that our impact as a business exceeds supplying customers and consumers. We play a great/wider role in the lives of our employees, our consumers and the environment. This leads us to a bigger purpose:

That purpose is to bring togetherness, spread happiness and inspire a better future.

Our purpose logo

Our purpose  drives our people to do more than is expected. This contribution far exceeds our business and impacts the society in general.  It is evidence of the love for our products, the passion for our business, our care for each other and our unparalleled aspirations.

  • Togetherness is what defines us – as a lot more can be achieved when more than one join up in unity.
  • Happiness is what we spread with every bottle in the marketplace. Our happiness comes from within and it spreads – to our consumers, customers and partners as we share our love for our brands and our joy in life
  • A better future as, every day, we seek out ways to benefit the world and create a sustainable environment for all.